Any, Many, Miny, Both: Lipstick Heels

I love a cute heel! The problem is I have too many (wait, is that really a problem??) lol most of the time I buy and they sit in my closet forever, but time to change that!!

Every once in a while, okay almost daily...I internet browse and shop. The other day I spotted these beauties with a lipstick heel! Too cute right?

My question to you, which should WE (no fun shopping alone :)) choose?? Let's do a first and second grade remix: any, many, Miny...Both?! Lol

Link to the shoes: Lipstick Heels

The shoes are around $45 each but for a even sweeter deal, here is a coupon code good until 3/7/14: 

I got mine, which pair do you like? Plan on buying?? Happy shopping ladies!!

Stay tuned,

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