Dee Eye Why (DIY): Star Wars Party Lightsaber Candy Dispenser and Pool Noodle Tutorial

Like most 7 year olds, my son loves Star Wars. Star Wars Legos were all he talked about for Christmas and he was Xwing pilot luke skywalker for Halloween. He will even give you a 10min scene by scene break down of all the episodes and then say, "but you have to see it for yourself!" 

So when I asked him what theme he wanted for his 8th birthday, I wasn't surprised when he happily said "Star Wars!"

First thing I did was turn him into a lego Star Wars figure for the party invitation and then I went to work on the giveaways. A true Jedi knight is nothing without his beloved light saber so I decided to create two kinds.

I saw these super cute m&m lightsaber candy dispensers on Amazon but my jaw dropped when I saw the price tag of $60 for 12! That was $5 each. I also saw inflatable lightsabers for $2 each.

Being the cheapskate that I am,  I knew that I had to create my own version lol I headed to the 99 cents only store and was surprised to find everything there (except the skittles). I got the aluminum foil tape (2), electrical tape, candy tubes (3), pool noodles (7) and red duct tape there. I ended up getting the skittles (2) from target. I spent $19 on everything and was able to make 18 candy dispensers and 14 pool noodle lightsabers. Total cost .59 cents each!

These lightsabers can be made for parties, valentine giveaways, or just for fun. 

Star Wars Candy Dispenser Lightsaber

Grab the following items

Let's get down to business :) 

Star Wars Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Grab the following items:

Let's get started:

Add some color tape for buttons and tada! 

These can get very repetitive so to keep myself entertained, I caught up on some of my favorite shows.

But the look on Jedi Austen's face after they were done made it all worth it !!

Stay tuned,


  1. Such a great idea! I'll have to make these for my nephews, they're Star Wars obsessed.

    1. hope they love them. One thing I love about these are that they are soft enough to prevent injury during intense battles lol

  2. Those are seriously so awesome!! Very creative and yes a much much better price. He looks so happy to. Thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday. #Sitsblogging

    1. He was excited lol thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Love this idea! What a fun party favor! My boys are major Star Wars fans! Stopping by from #SITSBlogging.

    1. you should try making it for them :) thanks for stopping by :)

  4. My little Easton is also 7 yrs old. And, we can't wait to go see the Lego Movie. (Your little man is just adorable!) You are such a creative momma!