Dee Eye Why: $4 Ugly Christmas Sweater

Get the deets on how I made this fun and festive shirt for less than $5 below!!

We had festive christmas sweater day at work and after searching multiple thrift stores and turning up empty handed, I decided to pull out my trusty glue gun and make my own. I headed over to the 99 cent store and grabbed some tinsel garland, a pack of bows, a cute headband and a bell necklace. Grand total was a whopping $4.27!

I then started hot gluing the garland in a tree shape on the front or my top. Since I'm a nurse, I used a scrub top but this can be done on a sweater or even a tee shirt.

Next, I cut up the necklace and used the glue gun to glue it on. I also added the bow to the top and randomly added a couple of plastic ornaments that I had from last year. 

And voila!! Here's the finished item: 

Cute, super easy, cheap and festive right?? 

Stay tuned,


  1. Too fun--we were supposed to wear ugly sweaters to a family party this past year but we had nothing. I never thought of making our own! Thanks for the adorably ugly inspiration. :)

    1. The ugly sweater party has become so popular that they sell out early on, theres always next year :) thanks for dropping by!