Bohemian Chic

I headed out for brunch at The Pan in Gardena, Ca with a couple of my favorite ladies recently. Brunch was super good, and if you live in southern Cali, this place is definitely worth a visit. They give you tons of food and the price is right at under $10/entree. I had the loaded hash browns with a pumpkin purée pancake. Sooooooo good! *sigh* My mouth waters at the memory!

Lately comfort has been my primary concern, so I threw on a a flowy dress, some sandals and a fringe purse to rendezvous with my ladies! Amazingly everything I wore came from the thrift store! 

After brunch, somebody had the brilliant idea for us to go thrift shopping and of course we all agreed lol we went to 3 different thrift stores before calling it a night! I took exactly $20 to try to keep myself on a budget but ended up spending $31, not bad for my fantabulous finds lol I even found a Duro Olowu for jcp dress! How do you budget when thrifting?

Quick Tip: wear a dress or leggings with a tank top when thrift shopping. It makes it sooooo much easier to try clothes on :)

Stay tuned,


  1. Love your dress. Most of my outfits are thrifted as well. I remember that Duro Olowu dress from jcpenney. I really like his line.

    1. Awwww thanks!! Yay, I've found a fellow thrifter *heading over to your site* I wanted so many things from his line but never made it over to jcp :( gotta love the thrift store for awesome finds!

  2. This is sooooooooooooooooooo chic!!!!!

  3. This was so pretty! Loved it...loved the food too!

    Tiff ;)