Better Late Than Never

But never late is better! Yes, I did just quote Drake and don't act like you are too hardcore for Drake!! Lol Me and one of my friends have this argument going so while we are on the topic of Aubrey, let me pose the question to you guys. If you had to choose between Drake and Rick Ross, which would you choose to date and why??? I digress!!!

I went to LA Fashion week with a few of my favorite ladies many, many moons ago and had a good time! I decided to a wear a F21 striped skirt with a F21 tee. I added my acrylic clutch and my Zara chain heels! I loved my fit but hated my hair lol I thought I had enough time for the curls to drop but I was wrong! Swear I looked like the grown and sexy version of Shirlery Temple hehe yea, go ahead and laugh, I laugh at myself alllllllll the time!

Anywho it was good times with good ladies as always. We saw some very interesting shows, including a very fun and high energy show with drag queens in spandex and swimwear! So sad my camera wouldn't focus because it was so dark! Did you head out for fashion week??

Stay tuned, 


  1. you look fabulous.
    love all your dresses.

  2. My mothers friend has a cute policy, Better Late Than Ugly......I quite agree. When you go out you are representing yourself to the world. Why not give the world a run for its money!


    1. Better late than ugly, HA!! Love it!! thanks for dropping by!