Thrifty and Chic: Flower Child

I don't get a chance to thrift as much as I used to so when I do thrift, I am like a child in the candy store! I'm in my zone so watch out! During a recent outing to Amvets thrift store, I spotted this super cute 70s Hawaiian dress and my heart skipped a few beats. Especially when I saw the $4 with an additional 40% off price tag. Winning! I'm in love and would probably wear this dress everyday if I could get away with it lol 

love thrifting for dresses from the 60s and 70s because they are very feminine, usually floor length, have beautiful prints and the quality is really good. Do you thrift for specific items?

While shopping, I also found a really cute dashiki and I have no idea where to wear it lol sugguestions??? 70s party anybody??? 

Stay tuned,

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