Plaid, Leopard and Besos

Hey loves, 
It's been forever but I'm back!!! I've officially been an ER RN for a little over a year now and it has shown me just how short life truly is. I made a vow to myself to try everything at least once. Going forward, I hope to not only share that amazing journey with you, but to inspire others to get past their fears and enjoy life :)

In the words of Mae West, "I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure." 

This go around I had a chance to enjoy my favorite thing, food lol my girls and I went to Beso in Hollywood. Trust me when I say that this place has the best flatbread ever!!! I could literally sit there and get full off of the bread alone! I ordered the shrimp flatbread (told ya it was good) pizza. It came with manchego cheese which is made from sheeps milk. I was nervous to try it but I must say it was tasty. It had a rich, creamy taste to it and I would definitely get it again.

It was good times and good conversation with my favorite ladies as always! 

Stay tuned,


  1. amazing look and that hair is everything!

  2. Gorg! Love your top.