Deep Fried Brains and Other Scary Stuff

Happy Halloween!!! I found the courage deep inside and went to queen Mary's halloween haunt with a few co workers recently. The Queen Mary sailed in the 1930's and is known to be haunted so it's the perfect setting for a night of terror! There are 6 mazes with monsters, zombies and two headed creatures roaming the ship for the night.

I hate all things scary so it was panic attack mode for me!! Haha luckily my co worker was willing to partner up with me, so I had an arm to clutch on to. Comfort and being fully was key so I threw on some skinnies with a camo jacket and flats. Can't risk having monsters touch my bare skin lol Tip: if your looking for a camo jacket i sugguest trying ebay or the thrift store. I got mine for $8 on ebay :)

The best maze was circus, which had these crazy slidining floors, and a mirrored hall along with killer clowns! Believe me when I say, we screamed our way from start to finish!

And this was the yummiest part if the night, my deep fried brains aka a funnel cake!

Are you dressing up for halloween? What are you going to be?? I'll give you a hint for my costume, "Luke, I'm your father." Insert evil laugh hehe can you guess??

Stay tuned,

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