A Little Horseplay

I have a confession.... I suffer from zoophobia (self diagnosed), which means I'm scared of animals, all animals. Big, small, insects, cats, dogs...*sigh* I'm working on it though so don't laugh too hard.

Facing my fear, I went horseback riding with my hunny. They say the first step to getting help with a problem is admitting you have the problem...so I made sure to tell the instructor how scared I was. Her solution??? To give me the old, half blind horse. Really???? lol

Instead if helping, I was even more scared. Everybody in the group started laughing when I asked "will he walk off the cliff?" I mean he was half blind right??? Little did they know that I was serious! But, I got on the saddle anyway. We rode the horses through the trails at Will Rodgers state park and the view was amazing! 

It's moments like these where you can truly appreciate the beauty that God has created! I made a mental note to get out into nature more. 

Since my horse was slow, the instructor gave me a switch to use in case I fell behind the group. Let me tell you, I swatted that horse and he looked back at me with the evilest eye (I think I heard him curse too). He then proceeded to break into the fastest trot ever! Needless to say, I never used the switch again. Thanks to that trot, the next day my thighs were on fire hehe

For a first timer, horseback riding ended up being really simple and very relaxing. All you have to do is pull back on the reigns to stop, pull right or left to turn and kick to speed up (so boots are a must). I had fun, and am looking forward to again. 

Stay tuned,

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