Haulin It: Forever 21, Goodwill and Shoedazzle

Shoes details (L-R): Forever 21, Forever 21, Shoedazzle, Goodwill, Forever 21
All I can say is, online shopping is evil! I swear its too convenient and can make you broke and should be illegal in the United States and okay, I love it!!

Can you tell I have a shoe obsession?! guess I will need to keep a fresh pedi this summer lol The block, metallic and lucite heels of the 90s are back in fashion and I found some really cute and cheap finds. One of my faves are the black and white mossimo sandals that I found at Goodwill for a whopping $6.99.

I also picked up a couple of accessories, I love the metallic clutch with all my heart:

Metallic Clutch: Forever 21, Clear Purse: Forever 21, Hair Scarf: Forever 21, Sunnies: Goodwill

And a few graphic tees (can you tell i'm an 80s baby??):

Graphic Tees: All Forever 21

I swear Forever 21 has stepped their game up, especially in the shoe department. 

Stay tuned,


  1. I want ALL of those shoes!! They are all equally fabulous!


  2. Super cute finds! I love ALL the shoes! Especially those white ones!