Oh, Yes She Did!

I went to see "Oh, Yes She Did!" with my lovely ladies. It's an NAACP Image Award winning one woman show put on by Sandy Brown and I have to say that it was magnificent and very thought provoking! She plays several African American women who have made significant contributions to history. My faves were Angela Brown, Billie Holiday and Josephine Baker.

We actually got out tickets for a discounted price via Goldstar, it's free to join and they have super cheap/free event tix. I highly suggest checking the site out.

For the night, I wore a Forever21 dress, a thrifted coat and some gold metal sandals that I fell in love with at F21. Here's a pic of the dress without the jacket:

I realized that I am addicted to theatre. I can't wait to see Part 2 of "Oh, Yes She Did" and also "Sister Act, the Musical!"

Stay tuned,


  1. The cream looks great against your complexion...very pretty!

  2. Your header is too cute

  3. Fun, fun and more fun! You certainly know how to have a good time. I have a similar dress but it has peplum on it. Can't wait to wear. Those sandals are too cute. Too cold for me to sport those here though.


    1. I know it'll be super cute on you :) Thanks girly, I'm taking advantage of this socal weather!

  4. Cute! Glad you liked it, i'm getting back into theatre now too

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    1. Thanks, yay!! Glad to know I'm not alone :)