Dee Eye Why: Boys Sports Theme Room

I decided that I wanted to decorate my son's room in a sports theme and being the cheapskate that I am...I decided to DIY most of the items. There are still a couple of things that I need to finish but I love it so far (and so does he). I still want to paint the table to look like a baseball, restructure the lamp and turn his chalkboard into a scoreboard. Here's a quick rundown of what I did and used so far, let me know if you need more details:

Football Field Rug: Retails at $100+, I spent $25.
Supplies: White duct tape ($4.99) and a grass/astroturf rug ($19.99), I found both at Home Depot.
Basically, I just used the duct tape to create the field lines. To make the smaller lines I cut the duct tape in half. Here's a pic of how the rug turns out:

Lockers: Retails $75 each, I spent $44 for 3
Supplies: Set of 3 ugly Brown vintage school lockers ($15) from Craigslist, Red Paint (18.99) and metal Primer (8.99) from Home Depot

The hardest part was removing all the little bolts that connected the lockers. I originally intended to separate all three but I got lazy and could only convince my BF to remove one sooooo yea lol I then cleaned the lockers and used a foam paint roller to apply the metal primer. After it dried I applied 2 coats of Glidden's  Ultra Gloss Trim and Door Paint in Classic Red.

I'll keep you guys posted on the final outcome and also on the 101 other projects that I have going right now lol Are you working on any projects??

Stay tuned,

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