Dancing with the Stars

Sorry I've been MIA, I recently moved and finally got my Internet connected soooo yay!!!

In honor of a birthday celebration, I went out with my friend this weekend to a place in Hollywood called Cafe Entourage. We went in thinking that we would have dinner and drinks at a "cafe", and was surprised to find a full fledged nightclub!! *sigh* I'm officially an old lady cause I felt so out of place!

On our way, we had to walk up the avenue of stars. I looked down and was surprised to see MJ's star! Had to get a pic. For the night I wore a polka dot/floral print dress  that I got from ASOS (during their 40% off sale) and a pair of thrifted turquoise pumps.

I was starving and ordered a white gummy bear martini and a shrimp Alfredo Pizza. OMG talk about pure buttery, cheesy goodness!!! I'm drooling just by looking at the picture:

How was your weekend??

Stay tuned,


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG that dress is hot!!

  2. Love the dress! Sounds like it ended up being a lovely night with great food!


  3. Super cute!! I LOVE that dress girl! And the pizza was the bizzzzzzzzzness!


    1. Thanks Tiff! IKR, gotta go back one day soon!