Jingle Sales, Jingle Sales, Jingle all...

The way to the mall (or in my case the computer)!

Okay, I know I got the words wrong BUT it sounded good right?? lol I am the biggest cheapskate ever but as soon a I hear the word "Sale," all bets are off! Here are a couple of sales that I've indulged in recently (shhhhh don't tell my BF) and thought that I would share:

1. Zara: Despite the cute pieces...looking at the prices, I would NEVER buy anything from Zara unless it was on sale soooo it only right that I indulged in 2 pair of shoes hehe

2. GoJane: Prices are already fairly cheap soooooooooooo a sale is perfect for somebody as cheap as I am!

3. Asos: I love ASOS, i wish they would open up a store in LA so I could go every day. Until then online shopping will do...sales and coupons make it even better!

I don't know how long these sales will last so hop on them ASAP!

I am convinced that Internet shopping is evil! *sigh* Well at least I can say that I caught it all on SALE right?? lol Happy holidays and happy shopping ladies!

Stay tuned,

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