Dreaming of A White Christmas

Okay more like the day AFTER Christmas but hey, I live in LA so I can dream right? I worked Christmas day and so the day after I headed to the snow with my two snowmen in tow. It was soooooo pretty, soooooo cold and I was soooooo scared but I played it off pretty well! The part that scared me was the ski lifts. You mean to tell me that these flimsy wooden lifts, which looked like they were made in 1970, are safe enough to take me all the way to the top of Mt. Baldy?? Lets just say that I prayed the entire way up and then the entire way back down.

We had a snow fight, okay several snow fights (hurts more than I ever imagined):

Did a little snow tubing (yes, I fell on the way back up lol):
Attempted to do snow angels (which failed  miserably):

and were in awe by the beauty of it all (doesn't this look like a postcard?):
I found my snowsuit and Austen's snowsuit at the thrift store...I paid $3 for his and $4 for mine. Talk about a bargain! How was your Christmas?? Hope you enjoyed time spent with family and friends and received everything that your heart desired!

Stay tuned,


  1. SOOOOOOO pretty and fun!!! I want to go to the snow SOOOO bad!!!

    1. Thanks girly! We should make a trip soon :)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. Looks like fun! Girl I think Tia and Tamara went there on one episode..I want to go but I hate for my stomach to drop! Ughhhhh lol