"Django, the 'D' is silent"

I went out with my lovely ladies to see Django Unchained and Iloved it. In true Quentin Tarantino fashion, the movie was full of blood, gore, and plenty of comedy! I laughed, cried, clapped and even rolled my eyes a couple of times hehe If you have about 3 hours to spare, I highly recommend checking it out. FYI, do not expect to see a historically accurate portrayal of slavery because you will get the exact opposite.

For the night, I wore an H&M top that I bought about a month ago with my 40% off coupon. It may look familiar because Solange was spotted in the same top and the matching skirt. I searched high and low for the skirt but could not find it in any size besides a 2. We all know that a size 2 will not even fit over ONE of my thighs so that was a no go lol Here's a pic of how Solo rocked it:

Cute right??!! I paired the top with some dark colored skinnies, a pair of mustard colored pumps that I found at the thrift for a whopping $1.91 and my fave thrifted chain purse. Have you already or will you be going to see Django? What are your thoughts on the film??
Stay tuned,