It's in the Stars

I went to see the Denzel Washington movie "Flight" this weekend and loved it! I caught the late night 11:30pm show and thought I would be sleepy but lets just say that the movie keeps you entertained from the very beginning. I loved Denzel in this film and John Goodman was hilarious! I recommend going to see it or at least catching it on DVD.

My intentions were to wear a dress (as usual), but I put it on and OMG!!??! Wait....did I gain weight*sniff sniff* How did that happen?? I quickly threw on a pair of thrifted galaxy/cosmic pants,  a pair of navy studded pumps, and a navy tank with a thrifted metallic gold clutch and belt instead.

One of the main themes of the movie seemed to be that truth and responsibility for your actions/choices are what will set you free. So after walking out, I had to be honest with myself. I work the evening 3pm-11pm shift and almost every night on my drive home, I stop at McDonald's and get a chocolate dipped cone *gasp* I know!! Horrible huh?? Let me do some calculations... ohhhhhh I see, thats how I've gained weight lol

I decided that starting Monday (why do we always wait until Monday lol) I am going to start my pilates again and also develop more healthy eating habits. I even stopped by Costco (Yes, I indulged in samples hehe) and purchased the skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, which are delicious but only 150 calories each! If you are interested, they have a box of 20 for only $7! I'll keep you guys updated on my journey but hopefully you will be able to see the difference. Feel free to join me, the more the merrier!

Stay tuned,

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