Thriller Nights

I have to admit that I have always been scared of the thriller video. I watched it when it first came out in the 80s and I've been traumatized ever since. Yes, I am so serious right now! I'm officially a chicken and I HATE scary movies with a passion. I decided to tackle my fears head on and dress up as the Michael Jackson thriller zombie. The funny thing is, when I told people that I was dressing up as MJ, the first question was ALWAYS, "the white MJ or the black MJ??" *sigh* More like the green MJ! hehe

I watched the video for some inspiration and 20 odd years later the fear was still there BUT I watched it anyway lol *pats self on back*

I threw on a pair of American Apparel high waist leggings and a cropped top. I got the thriller jacket off of eBay for $19.99 and the shoes from the back of my closet. Here's a close up of my makeup and moon walkers (shoes) for the night:

 I went to a circus themed Birthday/Halloween party and they had the cutest cake ever:

If you want some ideas for zombie make up, here's a really good tutorial that I used. I followed his directions and used Elmer's glue and tissue to make my scars:

What did you/are you dressing up as for Halloween?? Whatever you do, have fun and be safe! I have to work Halloween night so save me a piece of candy! or two, pleasssssse!!

Stay tuned,


  1. You have changed some things up on the blog. Love your costume! You went all out!


  2. Wow, great costume. The makeup rocks. Happy Halloween!