Sex in the City Birthday Celebration

My bestie Megan, finally joined the rest of our crew and entered the dirty 30s! For the celebration she had a Sex in the City party. We went out for sushi and drinks before heading to her house to watch season six of Sex in the City. I made cake pops and banana pudding cupcakes so we snacked on those while sipping on moscato.

It was crazy trying to figure out which SITC character matched our own personalities, I think I am a nice mix of Carrie and Samantha lol Which character(s) match your personality?

I wore a thrifted skirt, a cropped black top and some black pumps. Here's a pic of a few of us getting ready to drink our "blow job" shots. Its a mix of baileys, kahlua, and whipped cream. Yummy!! The fun part is that your are supposed to take the shot with no hands lol Some of us had a harder time than others which was super hilarious!

From L-R: Neek, Bestie Theresa, Bestie & Bday girl Megan, Meeee
We all have so much going on in our individual lives but I love that we still get togther and have a good time!

Stay tuned,


  1. y'all look so cute! :)


  2. Love the skirt! Good times with good friends is what makes weekends fun!