Sushi Showers

No, not literally lol I don't think a sushi shower would smell too hot! I actually attended a baby shower and went to have sushi with friends sooooooo I tried my hardest to combine the two. Yea, I am bored hehe

I'm a foodie and I will never steer you wrong when I say something tastes good. So if you want a bomb(dot)com sushi roll. Head right on over to Yen Sushi in Culver City and order a Las Vegas Roll. *Sigh* my mouth waters at the thought!

Anywho I wore a thrifted 80s dress, a glittery leopard print Betsey Johnson purse and some lime green pumps. The dress was actually longer but I pulled out my sewing machine and hemmed that baby right on up lol

Stay Tuned,

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  1. I'm loving the dress! that purse is so cute too!!! I've heard so much about Yen Sushi, I must try it out soon!!!