J's and a Sweatshirt

I love dresses and heels, with alllll of my heart lol BUT nothing beats the comfort of sneakers, wife beaters and leggings! I went out for a day of shopping and decided to go tomboy chic. I threw on a thrifted 90s Nike Air sweatshirt, an old wife beater, some leggings and a thrifted pair of Jordan Spiz'ike. Can you believe that the Jordan's and the sweatshirt were both $1!!! I never find shoes in my size!!! **does the cabbage patch**

I never knew why these jordan's were called the spiz'ike, but I sure did figure it out. As I lazily removed the shoestrings and threw the shoes into the washing machine,  I noticed that they have a pic of Spike Lee's head on the back of one shoe and his 40 acres logo on the other (shows how much I wear sneakers). See! Taught ya something didn't I?? lol

I love that celebs like Rihanna, Ciara and Teyana Taylor are showing how you can dress comfortably and still look fab!

Teyana Taylor is saying that she is the creator of "tomboy swag" but IDK Swear I saw the look on Aaliyah, TLC, and several other celebs and everyday people back in the 90s!

What are your thoughts on the trend? Do you ever rock J's, a fitted cap, a tee and call it a fashionable day??

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  1. To me it's not a trend, I have always loved sneakers. Blazers, Miu Miu's, Lanvin's and converse. I love Sneakers. I have actually never owned a pair of jordan's. You look lovely in them!!!