Floral Fringe

Every Friday, I take my son to the downtown LB Farmers market. He goes straight to the yummy kettle corn, while I search for rainier cherries and a tamale lol I also took him to see Paranorman which was super cute and yes, I did cry.

Am I the only adult who cries at kids movies?? Please make me feel better about my crybabyness (yes I invented a new word) and admit that you too shed tears. Swear I was in full fledged tear mode during Toy Story 3 hehe

I found this floral print 60s dress at the thrift for $1.91. I love the look of floor length dresses, but being 5'6 makes it hard to actually find them. I added a thrifted fringe purse and some tan sandals.

It was hot and I did not want any hair in the way so styled it in a messy fishtail braid, which is soooo easy and super cute. Here's a quick tutorial that will show you how:

Warning, your arms will be super tired but it is soooooo worth it lol

Stay tuned,