BLM Girls L.A Meet Up

I know I'm super late with this one! Last week, I had the chance to attend the L.A Bloggers Like Me (BLM)!/groups/BloggersLikeMe/ meet up held at USC (Go Trojans!!) It was a nice opportunity to meet some of the ladies, whose style and blogs I have been admiring online. I wore a thrifted Nicole Miller dress with some pink/brown heels and a green thrifted clutch.

Guess what, I won something!! Take that, take that (in my diddy voice) lol I NEVER win anything. I'm always caller 28 when they are looking for caller 29...very close but no cigar smh Can you say super cute mug???!!!

Here's a pic of me and another BLMgirl, my friend Tiff ( at the event. Do you see the sweat beads and shine?? Swear it was at least 95 degress with no breeze at 8pm in LA. It was a journey trying to ge there but we made it! Thank God for flats lol :

It was so nice meeting all of the ladies, everyone was very positive and supportive. Loves it! Have a happy Friday and a very nice weekend!
Stay tuned,


  1. Girl first of all I cant believe that I didn't win that mug! I just knew it in my heart of hearts! But awwwwies...we look cute ::in my ghetto girl voice:: thanks for the s/o! You look ah-mazing as usual! Who would have thought that this look was thrifted?

  2. Love this dress!!! I wish I could have made the event. Would have loved to meet everyone. I'll be at the next one.
    I love your blog design!!!!

  3. See tiff, I told you 78 was great lol Thanks girly!

    @naturally Nae Thank you! Yes, it was really nice. I hope to see you at the next event!

  4. That dress is so ca-ute! Nothing like an amazing thrift find!Love your blog! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Please visit my blog to accept your nomination.