Vintage Designer Play: Victor Costa

“A woman has to walk into a store, and [a dress] has to speak to her. It has to say ‘buy me’ or ‘try me on.’ It has to have color, it has to have shape, it has to have design secrets built into it that make her body look [outstanding]. You have to do lines that are flattering.” -Victor Costa

I fell in love with a dress listed on Ebay. I knew I had to have it and after reviewing the listing, I noticed it was made my designer Victor Costa. The dress was so fab that I knew all of his other designs had to be even more so. I googled his name and drooled over the returned images. I shared some of my favorites above.

Known as the "copycat king" Costa designed couture dresses based on the images he seen on the runways in Paris. His designs sold in high end stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and Magnin. While the fashion houses sold their pieces for thousands, Costa sold his for hundreds. As a result he became super popular. His vintage fashions can now be found on Ebay, Etsy and if you search really hard...your local thrift store. They range in price from $20-$800.

It's obvious that I am sold on his designs lol What are your thoughts on vintage Costa, is he a vintage Play or Pause??

Stay Tuned,


  1. Im in love with the red dress! I may need to make one for myself and my curvy girls!

  2. Yes that red dress is HOT!!! I say go for it, I'm sure it will come out really cute :)