Tribal Printed

Never realized how much I LOVE dresses. Big dresses, little dresses, black dresses, white dresses, colorful dresses. I love them all! Not only are they super feminine,  but they are also cost effective and time saving. How you might ask??

Well, let me explain my well tested scientific theory. When you buy a dress, that is the WHOLE outfit. No need to go and buy a matching top or bottom because your top AND bottom came in one package lol So THAT my friends is cost effective, at least that's what I tell myself.

Time saving because all you have to worry about is putting on the dress. No need to search for the perfect belt/top/bottom/whatever. Once again you already have the WHOLE package lol

Okay, Okay, I admit! I'm a dress lover and proud lol So I was surprised when I fell in love with this jumpsuit on ASOS. I immediately wanted it for my bday BUT when it came, it was too big :( so I had to wait for another size to be shipped and I didn't get it in time.

Anywho, I decided to wear it to a bday celebration for a friend. Since it was black and white, I added a vintage black clutch and the Stremlow pumps that I got from Aldo for a pop of color.

If you love the jumpsuit, find it HERE, or get a similar look:

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  1. That jumper was the bizness!!!! < do people still say that? lol. You looked great tho!

  2. Thanks Tiff! Uhm not quite sure if people still use the bizness, but its okay lol

  3. I love the print. You look fabulous!!

    I am following, please follow back at Thanks a lot <3!

  4. Why? Why? Why? Now that I have discovered your blog, I am going to be spending even more $$! Great look!

  5. LOL Sometimes I have to tell myself to close my laptop so that I dont spend another dime! Internet shopping is evil!!