Music Rewind: Ginuwine I'm Sorry

I loved Ginuwine! Y'all know he wrote this song for me right?? hehe I just knew that we would be married and I would be the one to slick down his baby hairs every morning lol the crazy thoughts of a 15 year old!

Taking Y'all back to 1997 with this one! It has appearances from Fatima (Aaliyah's choreographer), Missy, Keisha from Total and Timberland Awww the days of good creative music...

Hmmm lets see, it was 10th grade year of high school for me. I remember recording videos on my VHS player and learning the "dance steps" with my two cousins. We would watch the box, remember that TV show? You call the number on the screen and enter a special code for the video you wanted to play next, I think it was like $2-$3 smh

My favorite videos to watch and try to dance to were Aaliyah's! You couldn't tell me that my pudgy stomach wasn't as flat as hers or that my shoulder length hair didn't have the same type of "swoop" bang and movement/body as hers (even though my granny pressed it with a jar of Vaseline) lol

The memories! Yea, I just aged myself lol Now it's your turn to share. Where were you in 1997 and what type of teen aged delusions did you have??

BTW, isnt the maxi dress that the girl has on at 0:19 bomb(dot)com!! I would wear that right now!

Stay tuned,

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