Just Bleach it...

Grab some gloves, a bottle of Clorox and start dipping. Yep, I mean the bottle of Clorox bleach that you use for your laundry.

I had a couple of high waist vintage shorts that I found at the thrift for less than a dollar. I wanted to give them some attitude so, I decided to bleach them.  BUT, first i had to cut them up lol I tried them on and measured how short I wanted them and used my scissors to cut them to the desired length. I also made random cuts across the legs and pockets to give them a more destroyed look.

Next, I grabbed a small pot and filled it about half way with bleach and added about a cup of water. I then dipped the shorts and let them sit in the bleach mixture for about 10mins. After 10mins, I removed them from the bleach and rinsed with cold water. I used the same bleach to dip the next pair. To get a lighter color you can bleach for longer but be careful because too long and the bleach will completely eat through the denim.

After rinsing all of the shorts, I threw them in the washing machine with a little bit of detergent. Then into the dryer to give the fringe/fuzzy.

Have fun and be creative, you can even try twisting for a tie dye print.

Stay tuned,


  1. I'm totally doing this, I have had it on my DIY Bucket list for a while now. I love the cherry red shorts - they look fabulous :)

  2. So cool!! I'm DEFINITELY going to try this!!!

  3. WoW!*
    Nicely done doll!*
    Looks great!*



  4. Thanks ladies!! It is SUPER easy and the results are so cute, definitely give it a try :)