Biker Chick

I want a bike sooooooooooooooooooo bad!! Hey, what can I say....I'm a wild child who lives on the edge (I kid, I kid). But seriously, my BF has a motorcycle and we always go for a rides. Recently I begged him into giving me motorcycle driving lessons. I have officially gone as fast as 45MPH all by myself lol At the current moment I'm too scared to to any faster BUT hoping that will change soon lol

This past weekend, we went on a bike ride and stopped at a really good cupcake shop called Sweet Red Peach. They have the best Banana pudding cupcakes in the whole wide world! So if your ever in Inglewood, CA make sure you stop by :0)

It was a nice and sunny day so I threw on a pair of thrifted shorts that I cut up, a colorblock shirt and my Filson pumps from Aldo.

Stay Tuned,