I'm a Cougar, What Are You?

Blazer: Allumette A.C Paris Thrifted  Leggings: American Apparel  Shoes: Vintage 80s (thrifted)  Purse: Homemade :)
I fell in love with this blazer as soon as I saw it. It's hard to see but it actually has some little Cuban ladies all over it. I've noticed that I always end up finding colorful printed stuff at the thrift. I think it has to do with my thrift shopping style/type.

From my long days spent in the thrift store, I've learned that there are different types of thrift store shoppers. Here's what I've seen so far:

The librarian: They start at the beginning of the rack and then look through every item one by one. These people spend allllllllll day at the thrift store cause it takes them 1000 minutes to get through one rack. most of the time, they miss out on the good good stuff cause all the other types have beat em to it.

The little old lady: You can usually hear her and her friends miles away saying things like "Girl, look at this! It's that rocawear/babyphat! aint it nice?" Then, she is likely to pick up the ugliest, most old fashioned looking items...look at you and say "Ohhhh yes girl, isn't this nice?? I cant get into it, but it sure would look good on somebody young like you." How can you say no to a little old lady??? So you smile and say "yea, it is nice." and temporarily add it to your basket. Temporarily is the key word...

The Policeman:They are the people who stand close to you and watch what you pick up. Then after you put the item back, they decide to pick it it and put it in their basket. Yea, okay...

The cafeteria Lady: They are the ones who start at the middle of the rack, and just push all the clothes down to make space for their viewing pleasure. Not caring that they just covered up all the clothes that you were looking at smh They are the thrift store bullies! The only way to deal with this type of thrift shopper is to push all the clothes back toward them, while fearlessly staring straight into their eyes (with a smile of course).

The Undercover Agent: Follows you around the store cause she wants something that you have in your hand or in your basket. She might even say something like "I think that's too small for you,' or "I don't think that looks right on you." BEWARE, she will have you in the store doubting yourself and feeling slightly fat. Dont fall victim.

The Cougar: She walks quickly down the isles, scanning until she finds something that catches her eye. She picks it up and adds it right to her basket. She's usually done with the rack in under 3mins, ready to find the next victim...oops I meant item lol. Get out of her way cause she just might snatch an item out of your hand (i kid, I kid) This is me all the way!

Okay, thats enough....the moscato is starting to wear off lol I'm sure I missed a couple so feel free to add to the list :) BTW, What's your thrifting type?

Stay tuned,

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