To Buy or Not to Buy: Aldo Clutch

I spotted this clutch in Aldo and fell in love UNTIL I looked at the price tag...$45 for a clutch. Now y'all know I'm a cheapskate at heart, so for me to even contemplate buying it shows that I LOVE it!!! BUT IDK, should I do it??

Let me add,  I NEVER step foot in Aldo. It's one of those stores that I peep into while walking in the mall but never make a full stop. While I love their shoes and accessories, I guess I always feel that they are WAY over priced??!

For my birthday my bestie got me some shoes from Aldo, but unfortunately I have a HUGE foot and they were to small. I went into ALDO to exchange and walked out with 2 clutches and 2 pair of shoes smh Did I mention that almost everything in the store was on sale?? The shoes had an extra 30% off and the clutches had an extra 50% off. Talk about a deal!

I ended up with the Filson and Stremlow shoes and the Natale and Alper clutches. The Alper clutch is no longer available online but you might be able to find it in stores. It matches the Filson shoes perfectly. Heres a pic:
Here are some of my favorite aldo on sale clutches and shoes:

FYI the sale for the clutches ends on Sunday...

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  1. It's SO CUTE! but $45 is a lot for a clutch... My theory is if you keep thinking about it after your trip to the mall you should go back & get it ;)

  2. I know right!! Such a good theory but being the shopaholic that I am, I think about everything that I see and fall in love with lol I need rehab smh

  3. $45 is a lot of money for a clutch,I have been admiring the filson now for a while now. If you really want it, you should go for it or is you aren't that into it then Stalk it till it goes on sale. Hope that i helped.

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  4. Thanks for the advice! Hopefully it will go on sale BEFORE it sells out!!! I'm following you too! :)