The Karaoke Blues

I love karaoke, its the only place where you can horribly sing your drunken heart out and not care about how bad you sound because 9 times out of 10...someone will sound worse then you lol

I went to karaoke at Yen Sushi this weekend and fortunately for the audience, I didn't gather up enough liquid courage. Munching on a Las Vegas Roll, I sat back and listened to others try their hardest to belt out/rap everything from "Ordinary People" to NWA "F**K tha police."

For the hilarious occasion, I wore an electric blue dress with some really cute wedges that I got for my birthday (thanks Tiff!). I accessorized the look with a vintage clutch and some gold circle earrings.

If you love peplum dresses, here are a few cute and affordable options: 

Stay tuned,

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