Little Black Dress Edition

Dress: $15.99 Fashion Q   Shoes:Vintage 80s, Goodwill    Clutch:Goodwill   Jacket:Vintage Guess (thrifted)
What does a girl do when she is feeling a tad bit fat and possibly bloated??? She throws on her little black dress, and adds a jacket of course lol So I had the priviledge of joining my friend in celebrating her 30th birthday!! Unfortunately I dod not feel good, but being that it was a really good friend I sucked it up and went anyway.

Now maybe it's just a girls thing because my BF could not understand why I was trying to go out with a massive headache. We argued back and forth before I quietly came to the conclusion that men are 1. unloyal, a true friend ALWAYS shows up (right???) and 2. Are from some unknown planet in another universe, quite possibly Mars as previously identified lol

Anywho, I found the dress for $15.99 at Fashion Q in Cerritos Mall. I fell in love with the peplum detail at the sides. I wanted to add some color so I added Some multi colored earrings, a geometric clutch, a vintage 80s guess jean jacket and my Hot pink 80s pumps.  

Stay tuned,

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