Flea Market Fab

Shirt: Rainbow    Skirt:Vintage 70s LB Flea Market

My bestie and I decided to go to the LB flea Market and I fell in love. They have rows and rows and rows of vintage clothing, furniture, magazines, sigh. I could have probably spent about $1000 and spent all day there BUT being the smart, cheap woman that I am.....I only took $40 in with me and left at a -$10 (had to borrow some cash from the bestie lol)
Now there are several rules that one must follow when going to a flea market and the main rule is to have a game plan! lol

So here's how our game plan worked; I asked the owner how much for several different items and my bestie did the same. Then we went to a corner and figured out the grand total for everything we wanted. In our case, it was like $60. So we grabbed our bundle, walked over to the store owner and was like we will give you $40 for all of this. He laughed and said $48, and we said $44, and finally he said $45 is the cheapest I can go. Of course we agreed lol

So for the very low price of $45, my bestie got a vintage 60s dress, I got the lovely 70s skirt you see in the pic above, a 80s leather peplum skirt, ans a vintage 70s Gucci purse. Not bad right??? I'll share pics of the other finds soon...

Stay tuned,


  1. Love it! I am looking forward to taking a trip to LA and using this tatic! ;)

    Thanks Ebony!

  2. Thank you so much! Yes, definitely use it, I promise it'll save you some money :) Let me know when you make it out, maybe we can do some shopping together!

  3. This is so friggin cute! I love the skirt...the colors..the hair...I love everything! I really need a cute jean top pronto!

  4. Thanks TiFF! I got this jean top at rainbow for $5, and they had a whole rack! or you can always hit the thrift :)

  5. Cute!!! you have a great style hon, love it!