Fashion Play: Wedge Sneakers For The Low!

I am sooooooo happy, my wedge sneakers finally came!!! ***busting the running man*** I've been wanting some since forever BUT looking at the $200+ price tag left me saying hmmmmm. Being the sleep deprived night owl that I am, I am proud to say that I've located several cheaper options. AND yes, I am willing to share lol

1: Found on Amazon for $38.90 HERE

2: Found on EBay for $70 including shipping from China HERE

3: Found at Go Jane for $34.60 HERE

4: Found at Bakers for $69.00 HERE

5: Found on EBay for about $55 including shipping from England HERE

6: Found at Go Jane for $34.70 HERE

Hope this list helps some of you who love the wedge sneaker trend as much as I do, BUT hate the prices! Also, all of the sites I have listed have the sneakers in a variety of colors. Get them fast because most of the sites, especially Go Jane, sell out! Happy shopping :)

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