Vintage Peace of the Night: 90s Ibe Colorful Jacket

This past weekend, my girls and I went on a 90's booze cruise and had a ball! When we purchased the tickets, I immediately knew what I was going to be. A 90's In Living Color Fly girl! And to top it off, I already had an outfit in my closet lol I found this 90's Ibe jacket at Salvation Army for $4. It has been sitting in my closet for about 7 months. I added some high waisted leggings, an orange bra top and some black boots. I liked the look but felt like I was missing some jewellery, so I asked my grandma. I was super happy we she handed me the perfect gold necklace.

I have to admit, I had dance fever! I even had the courage to hop on the pole and show off a couple of the skills I learned in pole dancing exercise class! For my efforts, I was rewarded with beads...

My girls were really fly as well! Megan rocked a 90's "Clueless" inspired look, and Tiff rocked an early 90s look. Here we are in our 90s inspired poses lol

PeaceLoveAndSew 90s,


  1. I swear as soon as I saw you I thought of In Living Color! You were right on point with the 90's outfit AND hair! Very very cute :)

    1. Thank you girl! I kept thinking Homey dont play that!! haha gotta love In living color!

  2. Im late as this was posted in april but I love it.. U ladies look great:)