Vintage Peace: 90s Polka Dot Floral Shirt

Happy Freeday!!! AKA Friday lol Today I pulled this really cute 90s shirt out of the BBB. It has sheer sleeves and a polka dot/floral print. I paired it with some red american apparel leggings and some vintage 80s black ruched kitten pumps.

Class is in session today, starting with Thrift Store lesson #391: 99.9% of all thrift stores are cash only......unfortunately. Or maybe it's fortunately because I rarely have more than $10 in my wallet and so it kind of forces me to have some self restraint lol

I recently went into the thrift with exactly $6 and planned on spending less. Of course I found 500 things that I liked and this shirt was one of them. I sat there for like 20mins trying to decide what to take home with me and what sadly, had to go back on the rack. I ended up settling on this shirt for $1, 2 pair of 80s kitten heels, and a cute purse. Talk about bang for your 6 bucks!!

My bins, closet, trunk and drawers are now officially overflowing with clothes and I think i need a therapist for my shopping addiction lol I am now limiting myself to thrifting twice a month! Pray for me!

PeaceLoveAndSew addicted,


  1. Girl I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tights! I heard american apparel has plus size now too! hehe :)

    1. Thanks Tiff! Really?? thats! I got mine with a groupon, hopefully they'll have another deal soon :)