Vintage Peace of the Day: 80s Blazer

I have to be honest with y'all.....I cheated today! I reached into the BBB and pulled out a really pretty 70s sundress. Unfortunately, if you look at the sky in the pics you can see that there was ZERO sun today. It actually rained. So, I placed that sundress right back into the bag and thankfully pulled out a 80's Harve Bernard blazer. I added a scarf, white tee, some black leggings and my comfy boots to pull it all together.

I ran a few errands and went to my old school to get a letter of recommendation. I saw all of my old instructors and as we all sat in the room talking, one of the instructors said that my hair is nice for the runway or cover of vogue but NOT for an interview.  She also told me to make sure I straightened it. Everyone's mouth dropped open and a couple of the other instructors swatted at her and she replied "What??!! It's true!!" **sigh**

I've heard this a million and one times already and being an ex-staffing employee, I know its true BUT I think it is a little insensitive when people voice it. Am I being overly sensitive??

PeaceLoveAndSew sensitive,


  1. You really look like you are in a different era in these picture! #loveit

    1. Thanks girl! Gotta blame the thrift store :)