Peace Of Cake: 80s Theme Party Cake

Did I ever tell y'all that I LOVE to bake?? Everything from cake, to cupcakes to peach cobbler! So bad for my waistline but it taste sooooo good :) Baking is therapeutic for me and when I do it, I find myself thinking and it clears my mind.

Most bakers steer away from the use of fondant because its expensive, takes forever and can be confusing but i like using it! I always feel like a 5 year old playing with Play doh as I allow my creative side to come out.

The pics above are from my 80s theme prom party. It was to celebrate our 30th birthday and so I made a two tier cake 80s theme cake to match. The top tier was double chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and the bottom tier was white cake with fresh strawberries. It was yummy yummy in my tummy!

As I type, I am going into the kitchen to make a strawberry banana pudding. I use Paula Deen's banana pudding recipe and sub vanilla wafers for the chessman cookies (although that version is delish too) and add in some sliced fresh strawberries. Here's a link in case your interested in trying it , trust me when I say its worth the effort!

Too bad I cant share some with y'all through the Internet :0)

PeaceLoveAndSew feeling like a fatty,

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