Nailed it: Matte Leopard Print

 I fell in love with the matte polish look a few months ago, but have not been able to find the polish or top coat in stores. I searched high and low before stumbuling upon the Kleancolor Madly Matte top coat for $1. Unfortunately, all that it did was smear.

I was in Target yesterday, and I spotted the NYC brand Matte Me Crazy Top coat but was skeptical. For only $1.88 I figured why not, it was a worth a try. I wanted to play around with black nail polish and so I decided to do a different design for each finger. Heres a quick pictorial on what I did to achieve the results above.

Oh Em Ghee, I am in love because it REALLY worked!! It stole all my lovely shine lol It also had the added benefit of drying my polish super fast. I then used my black striper to add "C" shapes to create a leopard like print, dots, a french tip and stripes. Since the striper is the regular shiny stuff, it creates texture and depth. I left one nail designless.

The NYC Matte Me Crazy is a top coat so after coating your nails with it and then adding in your designs, do not, do not, do not apply your regular shiny topcoat. It would defeat the purpose and make things shiny again. Just let it dry and you are all set!

I love the matte polish look and am going to try to do it on some brights colors soon!

PeaceLoveAndSew Matte,

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