Hair Peace: Henna Gloss Treatment

Last month, I decided that i didn't want to put any more heat on my hair, I wanted to cut five inches of my bone straight ends off and wanted to add some ayurvedic (henna) treatments to my natural hair routine. I stopped applying heat, cut off 3inches (cutting off the other 2 next month) and I searched around for information on ayurvedic hair treatments.  I ended up finding this post by Curly Nikki and this one by Moptop Maven

I did a  lot more research  and found that Henna has several benefits for natural hair and they include; strengthening the hair, adding shine to the hair, loosening the curl pattern, thickening the hair, aiding with growth, improving scalp circulation and increasing the health of the hair. I was sold! I went to a local Indian store called Pioneer Cash and Carry and purchased my supplies which consisted of some henna, oils (vatika, brahmi, amla), rose water, and coconut milk. When buying henna make sure you buy body art grade, other grades can contain PPD which can harm your skin.

 Henna acts like a protein and my hair HATES protein so I add a ton of moisturizing conditioners and oils to my mixture which turns it into more of a gloss. Now I must warn you, henna is often used as a dye and will add a slight reddish tint to your hair. If you have very light colored or grey hair (not saying I do lol) it will turn them completely red/orange. Most people follow up with an indigo treatment to get their hair back to a dark black color. Here's how I make my Henna Gloss:

Don't add the Brahmi Amla oil until after letting the henna sit and getting ready to apply. As the henna sits, the color releases. I usually let my henna sit overnight but you can use it immediately. The next morning, I do the following:

Please make sure you place newspaper over your working area. Henna will dye floors, counter, and clothes in addition to hair. I usually comb through my dry, unwashed hair and place it into four sections. I the apply henna from root to tip with my gloved hands. Do not comb through hair, just smooth henna with your gloved hands. After I've applied it to all sections, i smooth all my hair to the back and then pile on top of my head. I place a plastic cap on my head and allow it to sit on for at least 2 hours.

Henna can be difficult to rinse from hair, so I use a 99 cent bottle of V05 conditioner to help with the process. I usually have to apply conditioner and rinse about 5 times before the water runs clear and I feel like the henna is completely out. I then towel dry my hair and apply a deep conditioner for 1-2 hours. I don't really use shampoo during the process but if you do, make sure it is a moisturizing shampoo. Using a protein shampoo will make your hair feel very dry.

This was a very quick overview of henna and ayurveda but I hope it helps!

PeaceLoveAndSew Ayurvedic,

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