Fearless Item of the Day: 70s White Shirt

Only in Southern California do you get 80 degree weather in February, so of course I took full advantage!! I had already pulled this really cute 70s shirt out of the BBB.
I originally was going to wear it with some bell bottoms BUT when I realized how hot it was going to be, I pulled out my bin full of summer stuff and grabbed a pair of shorts. I actually cut the shorts (last summer) out of some American Eagle jeans that I found at the thrift. I added some really cute shoes that I found for like $8 and called it a day.
I didn't realize how self conscious I was about showing all my legs until I was out of the house and driving down the street. Then some lady in the store, pulled me to the side and said "honey, you have some shapely legs...wish I could make my little chicken legs look like yours!" She made me laugh and forget alllll about it.

PeaceLoveAndSew in Cali,

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