Nail tutorial: Lisa frank inspired nails

After 2 computer viruses, loosing all my files and pictures, a bout with the flu, AND a car accident.... I am back!!!! I missed you guys :) and since I missed out on all the festivities, let me say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Better late than never right!

Anywho, enough about my recent miseries lol today I'm going to do a Lisa frank inspired nail tutorial! Remember Lisa frank?? I had a bunch of her stationary and stickers that I used to collect back in my junior high days :) In case you don't remember, here's a quick reminder:

did you guys have any of her stuff??

To get this look, grab the following supplies and lets get this party started: Base coat, top coat, lime green polish, yellow polish, hot pink polish, purple polish and a black striper.

 Quick Tip: To prevent discoloration of your nails, always start with a base coat on all nails.
Step One:  On your middle finger, make a diagonal stripe with your purple polish.

Step Two: Take your hot pink polish and make a diagonal stripe.

 Step Three: With your yellow polish, Make another diagonal stripe.

Step Four: Lastly, Make a diagonal stripe with your lime green polish.

Step Six: While allowing your middle finger to dry, take the hot pink polish and make a hot pink french tip on the remaining nails.

Step Seven: Take your black striper and make three lines on the side of each french tipped hot pink nail.

Step Eight: Using the black striper create small leopard "C" shapes over entire colorful nail.
Allow nails to dry and add top coat. You are All done!! Here's the end result:

Super quick, cute AND easy right????

Stay tuned,

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