Wear it Wednesdays: 80s Rubiks Cube Costume

In our efforts to win a new car AND a million dollars lol me and my girls recently went on Let's Make a Deal. Before going on the show, they tell you to wear an outrageous costume in order to increase your chances of getting picked. So I searched deep inside this 1980's baby heart of mine and came up with the perfect idea, I would be a rubik's cube! But not just ANY rubik's cube, I would be a vintage 80s rubik's cube :)

I started With this plain old cardboard box:

And with a lot of black duct tape, colored paper and a glue gun I turned it into this:

I decided to dress in my finest funky fresh 80s gear to add a little sass to the costume. So I added a big curly wig, black eyeglass frames, some leg warmers, a rope name chain, some bamboo earrings (*in my LL voice* at least 2 pair), a real 80s skytel pager and a vintage 80s bodysuit (thrifted).

Here's the look without the rubics cube:

And here's everything all together:

But after investing all my time, and being there hungry and hot and sweaty and being unable to move my hands, I left winning a big fat..........wait for it, wait for it!.......nothing lol not even a zonk! But I had a ball and with all my dance fever, I probably lost 2-3 pounds hehe!

Stay tuned,


  1. Hey Girl! So fun to see you've joined the addictive world of blogging. It's about time. From what Tiff says you ARE fashion! Funny you talk about Let's Make A Deal. I went on the show dressed as a nurse, got on as a contestant and then actually won $5K. You really can win! God is good! LOL

  2. Hey you! Yes it is addicting but dont tell nobody lol I am so jealous $5,000!!! I wish, but Wayne didnt even look our way, hmmmm do I smell a redo??? Tiff is sooooo sweet, she has told me a lot of wonderful things about you and your blog as well, I definitely need to suscribe ASAP :) Thanks for stopping by :)