Thriftin Tuesdays: Fall Ethnic Prints

I am really starting to realize that I am an official bargain hunter AKA cheapskate lol It has gotten to the point that I ONLY visit the thrift stores when they are having a sale! Luckily, the thrift stores in my area have scheduled sales that happen every other Thursday, Friday and Saturday with 50% off the already crazy low prices. So now I find myself spending about $10 for a bag of wonderful items.

During this thrifing spree, I went in looking for tribal, navajo and ethnic print items and I am super happy to say I found them! I love when I find exactly what I was looking for in the thrift!!

 Here's a couple of jackets that I found:

I also found these bottoms, I plan on sewing the pants into a bell bottom type fit:

I also found several one piece shorts and pant sets. The first tribal print black and white one was actually a skort smh but I used scissors to remove the front panel and make it into a short set. Dont act like yall dont know what a skort is cause we all rocked them in the 80s-90s. You know the skirt in front with shorts in back hehe I love the tuxedo pantsuit!

This is my favorite find this week! I love it and plan on either wearing it as a dress or with some leggings (cant make up my mind):

During this adventure in thrifting I spent a grand total of $16.40, a little more than usual BUT still a great deal. Have you ladies had any recent fab thrift finds???

Stay tuned

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