Thriftin Tuesdays: 70s dresses

I love the long flowy dresses of the 70's and my recent haul is full of them! I actually wondered into this small little thrift store by my house and spotted these wonderful dresses for $2 each:

and these:

I talked to the owner and he asked, "do you like this kind of stuff?" uhm YES, I laughed...his next statement made me instantly fall in love, "I have a whole box in the back, I can bring them out for you after Halloween if you want?" uhm YES!! and please!!! Lol can't believe my luck :) definitely going back because these babies are perfect for fall weather with some wedges or boots!

I also lucked up with my favorite find of the week:

These are leather Elizabeth and James brand motorcycle cropped leather skinnies! Actual retail is about $600 and I found them brand new at the thrift for a whopping $3.93, WITH the original Nordstrom tags attached! Oh thrift store how I love thee!

Stay tuned,