Make it Mondays: Wonder Woman Costume

Halloween is in exactly 3 weeks, and I am super excited! It is one of my most favorite holidays! Especially since we as women get a free pass :) Y'all know what I'm talking about right? We get a free pass to put on our sexiest (or in some cases sluttiest) clothing, and no one can say a THING! We can prance around in public, dance the night away with friends, eat candy til our teeth hurt and then wake up the next morning and look forward to Thanksgiving! What more can a girl ask for??

With that being said, I already have my Halloween costume all planned out. Actually let me rephrase, I have my Halloween costumessssss, planned out. My girls and I are planning a Halloween party for the kids on the Saturday before and so my G-rated costume is DJ Lance Rock LOL When I go out with my girls on that Sunday, my PG-13/Rated R costume will be Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman was the baddest chick in town back in the 70's! Played by Lynda Carter, she had the tiniest waist, the biggest hair, a golden lasso of truth AND to top it all off!!! She kicked butt in some red knee high, heeled boots. Check her out:

Although I love the 70's version of the Wonder Woman Costume, I wanted to go for the more current Justice League costume:

I looked all around the net for an affordable, sexy and cute Wonder Woman costume and I had no luck :( So I googled "How to make a Wonder Woman Costume" and this YouTube video tutorial came up:

I followed the directions and after about 2 hours, several hot glue burns and a lot of cutting and sewing and trying again, I ended up with this:

Total cost for all the materials came up to $16. Coupons are truly a girls best friend :)
I also made some matching Wonder Woman boots and am planning on making a cape. I'll share pictures of the whole get-up once Halloween rolls around.

So ladies, what do you think? Have you already picked out your Halloween costumes?

Stay Tuned,

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