Make it Mondays: Fishtail skirt

Monday ALREADY *sigh* I know you guys feel the same way right?! Who is looking forward to Friday?? I AM, I AM....Well, hopefully I can help make your Monday a little more interesting and creative :)  Today I'm going to show you how to make an 70's fishtail skirt, similar to those seen in the last Fad Fridays. This tutorial is very simple and should take about 30 minutes or so to complete. Now I wanted mine to be short in front and very long in back, but feel free to adjust the length on your version.

To get started, grab the following supplies:

Sewing Machine OR needle and thread, a long skirt, scissors and a iron.

Step One:
Put the skirt on and mark the area where you would like the front hemline to fall. Cut across skirt until you reach the side seams. Cut down and remove excess fabric. Be sure to save the scraps :) 

Your skirt should now look like this:

Step Two:
Turn skirt inside out and fold cut edges in, creating a one inch seam. Take iron and and iron along all edges and front hemline, creating a crease. 

The crease should look like this:

Step Three: Take sewing machine or needle and thread and using the crease as your guide, sew along all edges and front hemline.

Step Four: Cut excess fabric from hem.

Step Five: To get a more polished finish, take iron and iron along all edges and hems.

Step Six: Figure out how and when to wear it, cause you are officially finished!! Told you it was easy :)

Here's the final product!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you plan on tapping into your inner 70's baby by making and rocking a fishtail skirt!

Stay Tuned,

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