Fad Fridays: Fur Vests and Jackets

Real or Faux, Fur is a fashion item that rarely goes out if style! Ladies aback in the 20's loved to rock fur pieces with their luscious finger waves and pretty pearls!

When you mention fur, women of all ages and backgrounds are able to pull out at least one piece that they own. I swear fur and diamonds fight over who is truly a girls best friend lol.

For fall fashion, the fur trend has made it's way back to the masses. At prices in the $1000 range, the average starving student like myself,  is unable to afford real fur pieces. The good thing about this trend is that it's full of the faux! Affordable pieces can be found at Forever 21, from Rachel Roy and at your local mall. If you love to indulge in the real stuff, you can always try your local thrift. I was able to find a really cute fur jacket at the thrift for only $20! 

The icing on the cake is that my newest fab fur was given to me by my bestie! She found it (and a whole lot of other vintage pieces) while she was cleaning out her garage! Its a vintage fur vest and i love love love it! Thanks again May!

While fur of the past was very high fashion and worn to upscale events, that perception is changing. You can rock your fur vest or jacket with a cute white, jean or black top, blue jeans, leather pants or leggings and some cute boots. Here's a couple of recent celeb pics to give you ideas:

Ladies anyone in love with the fur trend? Is this a definite fashion rewind or should we fast forward to the next trend??

Stay tuned,


  1. Glad you like it Megan! When and how do you plan on wearing your fur?? :)