Throwback Thursdays: Ira

Today's throwback hails from Long Beach, CA and it is my beautiful grandmother Ira. Looking at her pictures what stands out the most is her feminine styles, nude lipsticks and fearless hairstyles! She definitely is showcasing true 70's swag :) Work it!!  When looking back on the pictures, all she can think of is "How much fun we had and how beautiful we looked." I definitely have to agree! The 70's seemed to be full of good times and carefree fun. Some of the hairstyles and trends from back then were the Afro and bell bottoms.

Now you know I had to ask, "Granny what is the secret to getting your Afro so pretty like your pictures?" Her response came as a major shock, "well you had to pick out it really good and use Afro sheen. Sometimes we would even wear wigs." WAIT! Wigs??!! Never in my life would i have guessed that people wore wigs back then, it was sooo natural looking. Guess i need to be on the lookout for a nice Afro wig since I am still searching for the fro of my dreams :)

I also asked her about Afro sheen because I knew it couldn't be the same as the oily Afro sheen that we see in stores today. She explained that it did provide shine but also some hold so that your hair would stay fro'd for the entire day. I did a search and they no longer make the products BUT i did find this 70's Afro Sheen commercial:

Oh Em Ghee?! Doesn't she look flawless?!!

This is my favorite 70's pic of my granny:

I love love love the fro, and the entire outfit is Black & white shirt, light green pants and a tan purse??!! My granny was color blocking back in the 70's y'all! Her style has sent me on a thrifting rampage for vintage bell bottom pants. Haven't found any yet but the search continues!

Stay Tuned,

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