Thriftin Tuesdays: Vegas Haul

So i am in serious recovery mode after a surprise trip to Vegas. Now that I am getting old (I hate to admit it lol), I need at least 2 days to pull myself back together after partying. Long gone are the days of instant bounce back and going to work after 2 hours of sleep :(  My BF took me to Vegas so that we can celebrate my passing NCLEX! Yes, that's right I am officially an RN y'all!

So while I was there you know I HAD to visit the thrift stores right?? lol That meant begging and pleading with him because he wants nothing to do with my thrifting antics. At first I got a seriously strong "NO!" BUT after I gave him a sad face, then complete silence and then shed a few real tears he finally gave in. Hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? :) So without further a do, here's the items that i was able to round up in the 1 hour time limit I was given:

I know I know, it sooooo colorful huh?? I dont know why but recently I have been drawn to bright 80's looking patterns and BIG shoulder pads! Guess I have to wear the tops with plain colored bottoms so that I dont look too crazy :) I ended up spending a total of $32.68 for four shirts, two purses, four pair of shoes, two dresses and a jacket. Here are the dresses I got:

Both of the dresses are going to be project dresses. My favorite is  the black geometric sequin dress! It is completely covered in sequins front to back and because it is a little big, I have to pull out my trusty old sewing machine and make it a little more fitted. Every year I promise myself that I am going to wear a sequined dress on NYE and I NEVER find it! Well this is THE dress that I will be wearing as we bring in 2012 :) The blue dress is actually a brand new Forever21 dress with a defective zipper. So i will need to remove the zipper and sew in a new one. I'm thinking it'll be cute for a night out with the girls!

 Now every time I thrift, I have moments of insanity! Does anyone else experience this because I know it CANT just be me??!! Can you tell me why I picked up this 1990's throwback jacket AND had the nerve to actually purchase it?! Doesn't it kind of remind you of something Shenaynay from Martin would wear?? I tried it on and it was kind of cute though! Hmmmmm, what do you guys think??

Overall, I had a good time seeing what Vegas had to offer. I only wish I had more time to actually rummage through it all. Everyone knows that Rule #1 in the thrifting handbook states, "To uncover hidden treasures, Thou shall spend at least 2 hours in each thrift store." I unfortunately had to break the rule and probably missed out on a lot of goodies! I think I see another trip to Vegas in my near future lol

Stay Tuned,

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